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Valentina Micchetti started her Fashion PR career in Europe. Working in the top luxury sector for over 15 years, her network includes the most influential people in the fashion industry. Valentina specializes in luxury brands and is the founder of Fever LA, as well as, Valentina Micchetti PR & Consulting, which are based in Los Angeles. Valentina started working for Roberto Cavalli, and then continued her career with Karla Otto. She took care of celebrities and special events, and collaborated with important opinion makers. Throughout her career, Valentina has worked with great celebrities and brands like Calvin Klein, Emilio Pucci and DSquared2.

Jennifer Y. Woodward is an East Coast native living in L.A. since 2006. In 2011 Jennifer transitioned into the full time role of PR Showroom Manager at Fever LA after seven years in the legal field. She managed product placements for red carpet events, provided editorials and gifts via European brands for International Celebrities and Models. In addition to managing the showroom, she has worked PR for major events worldwide. In 2016 Jennifer took a position as Director of PR and Creative where she continued to work with international clients: branding, consulting and increasing their brand awareness in the States.

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